My bidet shame

7 02 2009

One hotel room, two friends and one bidet.  At first we both weren’t sure whether or not we would use the bidet. It is such a foreign concept for Australians! When one thinks about it though it really is a civilised invention. (I mean to say, if you got excrement on your arm you wouldn’t just wipe it with a tissue! )

Anyway, when it comes to bidet etiquette in hotels, towels become a large consideration. We all know that we should always hang our bath towel, but what to do with a bidet towel?

Bidet towels if not neatly folded on the shelf, should be placed on the floor. Following these guidelines, and my ablution, I used the bidet towel and placed it on the floor. Later my room mate, used said towel to dry her face!

I never told her that the towel was not fit for such a task. It was too humiliating for me and too awful for her!

 I do take some responsibility for the crime, maybe I didn’t scrunch the towel enough, I folded it and placed it on the floor. I console myself that I was VERY clean and that I only patted with the towel I didn’t wipe with it. But still the memory haunts me…




One response

8 02 2009

Far out! That is hilarious (or as my husband teases hilari-ass). Oh well, we all have a haunting memory or three… I didn’t know the floor etiquette you mentioned. In Italy, domestic bidets (I can’t comment on hotel bidets) usually have a small towel rail nearby with special towels on it. That would have prevented some confusion!

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