My Boots Obsession

17 02 2009

Last Saturday I went to the final sample shoe sale for the year. All the shoes were samples from a variety of different brands. “Robert Robert”, “Gina Pucci”, “Nine West” and “Witchery,” and “Urban Soul” were some of the brands that were up for grabs. Shoes were $35, short boots $50 and long boots were $80. I bought my sixth pair of long boots. Why I need six pairs of boots I don’t know. But I love long boots, they always look great with a knee-length skirt or with long shorts.

I don’t understand why more women don’t wear boots. They look great on nearly every body type and they are an instant  winter wardrobe fashion fix. Got an old skirt that isn’t really that fashionable? Put funky tights and boots with it and it seems to really bring the piece into the next season!

If you have larger calves, they actually slim down your silhouette.

And now for the riskier look of wearing boots over jeans. You can look preppy, Ralph Laurenesque and rather equestrian or you can end up looking downright cheap.

How do you think the look can be made to work?

I think, if you are going to wear boots over skinny jeans a flat heeled boot looks classier. (If the heel is too high when worn over the top of pants they can look a bit cheap).

What are your opinions about wearing boots this winter?




One response

4 04 2009

Boots have a checkered and usually lagging history in Australia, when compared with Europe. In the early 1990s, for example, when Doc Marten 18 holes in cherry/black, were de rigeur for any aspiring art/music junkie, Australia was a full decade out of sync with Europe at the time. Of course, this made imports lucrative. On my three trips to the UK, I believe I brought back no fewer than 9 pairs!

I personally owned 3 pairs, my favourite being my Vegan-blue-tartan 14 holes! At that time, however, I owned no actual shoes, per se, only boots. Three wonderful pairs of “swampy boots” with points so sharp you could almost engrave with them, two pairs of combat boots (Ex army) and a pair oil riggers redbacks, which I used to wear to school as a young teacher!

Yes, I think it is just about time for the return of the boot.. well picked TP! Europe has been strutting long ones for years and they may just make it down here. Of course, the climes of Melbourne and Sydney are more suited to them and a global recession might be sending many to the cobblers instead! 🙂

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