The New Religion

22 03 2009

We have hit a new low as a society; God is dead and in His place the cosmetic surgeon reigns supreme. Unquestioningly, we have blindly obeyed and embraced the sacred truths and laws of the Beauty Cult. The religious discourse has been borrowed by large food and cosmetic companies as a means of promoting their products and services and controlling their consumers. In a society that has become increasingly more secular, a spiritual void has formed. The collective consciousness about good and evil that was once completely understood within the Judeo-Christian paradigm needed to be renegotiated within the context of a new framework. The guilty pleasures of giving into the temptation of a chocolate biscuit, to the brave spiritualised journey of outer self-improvement have become the more typical focus within popular culture. The signs of sin; gluttony, laziness, giving in to temptation, tanning, and the worst of all, ageing can be restored, redeemed and delivered through the purchase of products or under the expertise of the surgeon.


Extreme Make-over, The Swan, Plastic Surgery Before and After and The Biggest Loser all repeat the same narrative; a person is a miserable defect until plastic surgery changed their life. This leads to the logical conclusion that there is no excuse to be ugly. Obtaining this sort of perfected, man-sculpted beauty however, comes with an exorbitant price tag. Are we creating a new social hierarchy based on people’s ability to purchase the right nose, mouth, breasts and jaw line etc? Will the Mercedes car, or luxury watch be replaced by a top surgeon’s signature shnoz as the symbol of our power and wealth? I suppose the good news is that men won’t need to purchase that expensive sports Jaguar to compensate for being less well endowed, when they can elect to get their penises enlarged for a fraction of the cost!




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9 04 2009

Don’t stop now – that was a cracker

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