Don’t like tea? Who am I?

30 10 2009

For the last three months the thought of drinking a hot, perfectly brewed cup of tea, has made me feel nauseous. Thanks to the bizarre symptoms of being pregnant! Iwas just so shocked though to find that my beloved tea was no longer desired…I looked into the depths of my soul and said “You don’t like tea? WHO are you?” Tea has always held a special place in my heart. I have a few close friends who understand the deep pleasure that comes from making and enjoying a good brew; how was I to meet with these same women and drink a cup of water? There was such a poverty in the experience, but at least now I understood how alienated people were who didn’t drink tea, coffee or any herbal tea. But the body (God bless its intelligence) has an aversion to tea in the first trimester due to the fact that caffenated drinks have an emmenagogue property (encourages menstrual cycle). I hope as I come into the next trimester that I will once again be able to enjoy a perfect cup of tea. As my nan said, “everything always seems better after a hot cup of tea!”




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