Surprised, excited and then nervous. Twins with TTTS.

13 02 2010

We had fallen pregnant rather quickly. I had decided not to get an early scan but rather wait for the 20 week scan morphology. At week 17 I went to my first antenatal check. I had the standard blood pressure, and doppler reading (there was a heart beat!). Then came the measurement of my fundus. The nurse got another nurse to check the measurement, I was 23 cm rather than approx 17 cm. I was rather large for the week! We were then sent to get a scan, I was told I probably had my dates wrong. I knew I hadn’t, anyway we went to have the scan, and there up on the screen was two little heads! She checked the gender, (I asked her to check twice) and we were told we were having identical twin boys! WOW, we were pleasantly surprised. We didn’t have twins on our side of the family so weren’t really expecting twins. We were thrilled though. Unfortunately we were told that it looked as though we had a condition called TTTS (twin to twin transfusion syndrome) as our boys shared a placenta. We were both surprised, excited and then nervous and scared. Our first antenatal visit wasn’t quite what we were expecting…




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13 02 2010

I will take you on the journey that we have and are going on with a twin pregnancy with TTTS. I’m currently 28 weeks. I will recount our journey from week 17 till today.

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